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Warm Brown Curtian Fringe Wig

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Density: 130%
Length: Approx 26"
Combine a natural look, comfort and convenience with our heat safe, synthetic wig
Flexible: Put on comfortably, whatever your size is. Displayed in the image on a 22” mannequin head, this heat safe synthetic wig comfortably fits most sizes.
Adjustable: Forget worrying about your wig not fitting correctly, or falling off! All of our wigs are designed with adjustable sizing straps, on the inside of the wig cap. This helps to secure the wig onto the head, making it less likely to move!
Stylable: Give it your favourite style with a hairdryer, flat iron, or curling iron. It can be styled with any hot tool, preferably at a temperature not hotter than 200 degrees to avoid frizz and damage. (We recommend a patch test on a lower layer of the wig to ensure it isn’t too hot!)