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Peachy Pastel Blonde Fringed Wig

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Wig Density: 130%
Wig Length: 25"
Peach Pastel Blonde Fringed Wig & Pink Satin Storage Bag
Put on comfortably, whatever your size is: displayed in the image on a 22” mannequin head, all of our wigs are designed with adjustable sizing straps - this helps to secure the wig onto the head, making it less likely to move.
Give it your favorite style with a hairdryer, flat iron, or curling iron. It can be styled with any hot tool, preferably at a temperature no hotter than 200 degrees to avoid frizz and damage. (We recommend you do a patch test on a lower layer of the wig before using any hot tool, to ensure it isn’t too hot!)
Other Care Tips: -Brush curly/wavy wigs with a wide toothcomb to preserve the style -When curling/styling a wig, curls, etc will hold better the longer they’ve had to cool -Maintain with a detangling brush (Eg: Tangle Teezer)
A wig cap and satin scrunchie are included with all wigs.*